The Florida Caper


The Hope Diamond unlike any other in the world has charmed royalty, wealth, and power throughout the centuries from its discovery in India. But does the Hope Diamond or any of its derivatives carry with it a deadly curse levied by the monks from the monastery where it was stolen?

A rare and valuable jewelry piece is stolen from the Palm Beach mansion of wealthy industrialist who presses Greg, his college professor nephew, to set aside his teaching duties and locate the stolen “Eye of the Sun” which includes pieces of the Hope Diamond. To help him, Greg hires a local private investigative firm made up of former Sheriff’s Deputies, Mike and Tina.

The trail of the “Eye of the Sun” leads up and down South Florida and over to San Juan, Puerto Rico, but finally ends up at the mansion of a powerful drug dealer in the Bahamas. With help from an attractive Cuban-American named Flora, and a sly tipster named Olivetti, Greg and his team are able to go over to the Bahamas by boat and steal the item back. What happens after this caper sets a downward spiral toward disaster for every character that touches or possesses the “Eye of the Sun”. It seems as if a curse does exist until the investigative team finds out who really stole the item in the first place.

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