David Celley

David attended the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and California State University, Los Angeles receiving degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Computer Information Systems. He is now retired living in Orange County, California after a career as an IT consultant.

David’s publishing credits include Woodruff’s Firebase, reflecting the great intensity of the conflict in Vietnam; Galvez Stadium, a unique piece of fiction about the endeavors of building a football stadium during a revolution in Santiago, Chile, and The Florida Caper, an adventure yarn set in South Florida involving stolen jewelry that carries a curse.

If you want to read a novel with interesting twists with wonderful plot, this book is for you. Get Florida Caper and see how far this book will take you.



The North American Free Trade Act or NAFTA, in effect since the 1990’s, has recently been replaced by the United States – Mexico – Canada agreement...

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